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Tokio Hotel
o1. In order to participate in the LIMS, you must sign up at the sign up post. If you submit an icon, but your username is not on the sign up post, your icon will not be accepted.
o2. Anything may be used in order to make your icon, except other pictures. However, stock pictures are allowed to enhance the icon, but may not be the central focus. Text, brushes, etc., are all accepted.
o3. Animation is not allowed.
o4. Rounds last for one week. See the schedule in its section below.
o5. Voting depends on how many people are participating in the round. If there are a lot, you will vote for your three least favorite and your two favorites. If there are only a few, you will vote for your one or two least favorites and your one favorite.
o6. The only people who need posting access are the mods since all icons are submitted via comments. Voting comments and enteries will be screened.
o7. All participants are allowed 2 skip.
o8. Icons must be made especially for this competition, and do not post them anywhere until the elimination/winners post goes up. You may change your entry at any time between Sunday when the round goes up, and Friday when the voting goes up. If you do change your entry, be sure to delete your other entry. You may change it as many times as you like.
o9. Each round, there will be 1 person eliminated.
1o. When it comes to voting, you can only use negative and positive votes and no reason just write your favorites and least favorites.
11. Participants may NOT vote for themselves. Also, please be honest when you vote. Don't try to eliminate your competion.
12.Participants HAVE TO VOTE!
Sunday - The picture for the round goes up.
Friday - No more icons will be accepted. The voting will go up.
Sunday - The voting ends, and the winners are announced.
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